Veterinary Care

Free Puppy Kitten Vet Care

All of the pets offered for adoption through our non-profit have been examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to being offered for adoption. Every pet offered for adoption is certified by a licensed veterinarian as “fit for adoption”.


Upon arrival to our adoption center, our staff monitor and evaluate the adoptable pets and provide all of their dietary, grooming and socialization needs on a daily basis until they go to their forever homes.

Acclimating our adoptable pets and teaching them to be calm while brushing, nail clipping, and bathing is just a small part of our socialization program. The pets are handled in a variety of situations and with different people so that when they reach their new adoptive home they are on their way to becoming happy, well-adjusted companions, and the adoptive parents will then continue with providing all of their training and socialization needs to ensure that they become well adjusted members of their family.