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How To Adopt

Chews A Puppy Adoption center recommends that you submit an adoption application as soon as possible so that we have your approved application on file so when a pet that you are interested in becomes available there are no delays that would preclude you from adopting immediately. The application fee is non-refundable. You may obtain an adoption application in person at our adoption center. Chews A Puppy Adoption center does accept most credit cards as well as cash.

Adoption Health Warrantees

Chews a Puppy adoption is unlike most pet adoption groups because we provide our adoptable pet parents with extra peace of mind. Each of our adoptable pets has been examined by a Florida licensed veterinarian prior to being placed up for adoption. A health certification will be sent home with each adoptable pet, listing any vaccinations received, and full disclosure of any findings made by the veterinarian concerning its health. Chews A Puppy also offers a limited health warranty with each of our adoptable pets! (please refer to the adoption contract for details).

Chews A Puppy Adoption is committed to our adopted pets! If for any personal reasons within 3 days after adoption you are unable to keep your pet, you may return it to Chews A Puppy free of charge (the adoption fee will not be reimbursed, but a surrender fee will be waived). After 3 days from adoption, a surrender fee and other restrictions will apply.


The number one reason people say they put off adopting a pet is the fear that they won’t be able to train it properly. In fact, some of the first questions we hear from prospective adoptive parents when they’re considering adoption are the following:

Is this pet easy to train?
Can I train a pet even though I work?
Can my kids help with training?
Should I adopt a pet when I’m on vacation to make the transition and training easier?
Do I need to fence in my yard in order to adopt?

Our decision to offer unlimited training assistance for our adopters at no additional charge, has proven to be a huge success. Unlike other rescue and adoption centers that offer nothing, or simply a referral to a trainer that typically charges hundreds of dollars for a basic lesson course, we offer written training advice and assistance for the adopter.

Our adoption staff are available by phone seven days a week for any questions or advice the new adopters may have about housebreaking, feeding, problem correction etc. In addition, our website offers private access to an online site with tons of advice covering many aspects of training, socialization, feeding, and care for your adopted pet!

Feeding & Housebreaking

Health & General Care

Basic Obedience

Advanced Obedience

Local Recommendations

Vet Care

All of the pets offered for adoption through our non-profit have been examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to being offered for adoption. Every pet offered for adoption is certified by a licensed veterinarian as “fit for adoption”.

Upon arrival to our adoption center, our staff monitor and evaluate the adoptable pets and provide all of their dietary, grooming and socialization needs on a daily basis until they go to their forever homes.

Acclimating our adoptable pets and teaching them to be calm while brushing, nail clipping, and bathing is just a small part of our socialization program. The pets are handled in a variety of situations and with different people so that when they reach their new adoptive home they are on their way to becoming happy, well-adjusted companions, and the adoptive parents will then continue with providing all of their training and socialization needs to ensure that they become well adjusted members of their family.

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Full Service Animal Hospital
• Low Cost Vaccinations
• In House Ultrasound
• Low Cost Spay/Neuter
• Full Surgery Suite
• Boarding/Bathing Facilities
• In House X-Rays
• Full Pharmacy
• In House Laboratories

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Full Service Animal Hospital
• Low Cost Vaccinations
• In House Ultrasound
• Low Cost Spay/Neuter
• Full Surgery Suite
• Boarding/Bathing Facilities
• In House X-Rays
• Full Pharmacy
• In House Laboratories

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Customer Special Offer

* Free 12 weeks of age Booster Vaccination,Panacur Deworming and Bordetella Vaccination.

* Free 16 weeks of age Booster Vaccination,Panacur Deworming and Rabies Vaccination.

* Free Exams For Life With All Vaccination Appointments.

* Restrictions apply and may depend upon age of puppy at time of purchase, time of vet visit, any medical concerns the veterinarian may have at time of examination/vaccination timeframes. This is a free service offered to Chews A Puppy customers and has no monetary value. This form must be presented at initial veterinarian visit in order for complementary veterinary services to be provided.


We Microchip Our Pets!

All of the Pets are Microchipped and ready to be ENROLLED under your Name, Phone Number and Address

All of our adoptable pets are micro-chipped
Nationally, every two seconds a family pet is lost. That represents millions of pets every year! Shelters do their very best to locate owners, but if your pet has no form of identification, there’s not much they can do. Shelters are already caring for so many lost and homeless pets and can only keep them all for a short period of time. Meanwhile, owners are frantically spending time and money trying to find their beloved pet. Tragically, many never make it back home.

Developed by a veterinarian, the micro-chip is a tiny cylinder (smaller than a grain of rice) that contains a personal, one of a kind identification number that is so tiny that it fits through a hypodermic needle. It is implanted under the skin of your pet just like a vaccination and has been proven both safe and effective. After being injected into your pet, it remains there safely for life. The pet owner then simply registers their pet’s micro-chip number and supplies the micro-chip company with important contact information so that in the event that their pet gets lost or stolen, the animal shelter or veterinarian hospital that picks up their animal can simply scan the animal with a special scanner, retrieve the identification number, punch that number into a computer and have the owner on the phone in a matter of minutes! Every pet that we offer for adoption has been implanted with a micro-chip!

Spaying & Neutering

Chews A Puppy Adoption is an avid supporter of spay and neuter surgery for your pet. Spaying and neutering is recommended and encouraged by veterinarians as well as anyone concerned about the health and welfare of pets. There are different options for spaying and neutering that include traditional surgical procedures and also ovary/testicle sparing surgery that keeps sexual organs intact while preventing unwanted behaviors and pregnancy.

Spaying or neutering your pet provides many health benefits. Studies have shown that spaying and neutering can:

1. Lengthen your pet’s life and improve the quality of its life.
2. Reduces health risks such as certain cancers, mammary tumors, prostate problems and urinary tract infections.
3. Allows your pet to be a better family member by eliminating seasonal heat cycles, territory marking, sexual aggression, false pregnancies, and unwanted pregnancies and litters.

There are different options for spaying and neutering available today that includes: 1. Traditional spay/neuter surgery where most/all sexual organs are removed (similar to a full hysterectomy), providing protections against certain cancers and disease.
2. Ovary/testicle sparing surgery that keeps sexual organs intact (similar to a tubal ligation/vasectomy). This option allows hormones to remain intact while preventing unwanted behaviors and pregnancy but provides protections against certain health issues and cancers that may occur with a traditional spay/neuter.

Think of your pet as a young child. Would you remove all of your child’s hormones before they were done growing/maturing? Of course not. As a human we understand how important our hormones are to our overall growth and health. Hormones are important to pets too. Chews A Puppy Adoption recommends that you allow your pet to mature fully prior to undergoing spay/neuter surgery so that he/she can fully benefit from the hormones that control such things as growth plates, bones, height, length, weight, etc.

A veterinarian may prefer early spay/neuter because they want to ensure that an “oops” pregnancy won’t occur that could put your pet at risk of health complications that can occur with arbitrary breeding at a young age. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to make sure that their pet is kept safely on a leash or in a contained yard to prevent unwanted pregnancy until a spay/neuter can be performed at the optimum age for the health and wellbeing of your pet.

***Chews A Puppy Adoption does not believe in pediatric spay/neuter for health reasons therefore any “young” adoptable pets that have not been altered prior to arrival to our facility will not be altered prior to adoption, BUT they will be adopted out on a strict spay/neuter contract that requires the adoptive parents to alter their pet after adoption (at their own expense). Any pets up for adoption that are over the age of one year will be altered prior to adoption. We encourage our pet owners to educate themselves on their options regarding spay/neuter and to speak to their veterinarian in order to make an informed decision regarding their pet’s health.