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Adoption Fee

Adoption fees for our adoptable pets will vary based upon our assessment of the individual animal. Adoption fees listed below are the minimum fees charged and fees could be higher for certain adoptable pets based on a wide variety of reasons.


All adoptable pets are microchipped, are examined by a licensed veterinarian, and are up to date on vaccinations. Cats and Kittens will also be tested for feline leukemia.

Dogs & PuppiesWeightAgeMinimum Adoption Fee
Adult DogsUnder 25 Pounds18 Months to 5 years Old$350
Adult Dogs25-50 Pounds18 Months to 5 Years Old$250
Adult DogsOver 50 Pounds18 Months to 5 Years Old$150
Adult DogsAll Weights5 to 9 Years Old$125
Senior DogsAll Weights10 Years and Older$50
PuppiesAll WeightsUp to 18 Months$350
Cats & KittensWeightAgeMinimum Adoption Fee
KittensAll WeightsUp to 6 Months$200
CatsAll Weights6 Months and Older$100

* Adoption fees are non-refundable

* Chews Adoption reserves the right to refuse adoption for any reason. Completion of an adoption application does not guarantee adoption of a pet from Chews Adoption.

* Chews Adoption reserves the right to higher charge fees for certain types of dogs/cats, regardless of age, size, and breed as well as additional service/handling fees at the time of adoption.