Our Mission

Assist. Aid. Adopt. Educate.

Our Goals

  • Assist & Adopt

    Find loving, responsible homes for all adoptable pets in our care.

  • A Humane World

    Strive for the humane care, treatment, and the well-being of all companion animals through education, information, and action.

  • A Home For Every Pet

    Encourage spaying and neutering to protect against unwanted litters for all companion pets through public education and resources.


Our Story

It all started with an 8 month old Mastiff named Choo Choo Charlie. Choo spent most of his young life in a pet shop in New York waiting to go to a loving home, living in a cramped cage. His muscles became weak from lack of space and exercise and unable to be sold, the owner of the pet shop finally gave Choo to a delivery driver who felt sorry for his situation. Unable to keep Choo himself, the delivery driver asked people along his route if they would be able to give Choo a good home. Nobody stepped up to take on the challenge of such a large dog, already over 100 pounds, that was too weak to walk more than a few steps. When Choo showed his big brown eyes and sweet dispostion to one of our founders, our mission was born. After slowly redeveloping his muscle tone through proper diet and exercise, Choo was our first success story!

Charlie grew to 180 pounds and was famous around town for his massive size, big heart, and timid personality. Once full grown, friends of Charlie starting calling him Choo Choo Charlie. Once Charlie reached his full gallop everyone would move out of the way because he was like train. Slowly getting to his full speed, but even slower when trying to slow down his massive body down. This is how Charlie become known as Choo Choo Charlie. Throughout his life, Charlie struggled with muscle issues and dysplasia. He required a lot of extra care both physically and emotionally, but Charlie was given the best chance at a normal doggy life. Choo Choo Charlie passed in 2019 at the age of 8.  Charlies Story will live on through the hard work we do at Chews Adoption. We miss you Choo.

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Our Progress

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* Updated as of July 1 2021

Choo Choo Charlie

Choo Choo Charlie
Choo Choo Charlie